SOLITARY: Mystery Natal Day

Note: SOLITARY is a series I am currently working on. It is based on a true story narrated to me by the lonesome described in the story. I will try to tell it till the end, and I hope you follow it. Enjoy! Advertisements

Nigerian Drivers Take Heed

Jokes Apart! On my way to work yesterday, I came across two animals quarreling. The quarrel was a kind that attracted onlookers to the scene and so I joined the crowd. The argument was between a goat and a hen. According to eye witnesses, the quarrel started when a car splashed mud on them. As a good judge I…

Happy Birthday To My Double

 Once upon a time, there lives a brother of mine who was in a hurry to go the planet called earth. I asked him to wait for few more days so we could travel to earth together but he refused. He also tried to convince me to come with him but I refused. He then…

Happy June 12 To You

I haven’t written any reading matter in a while now, and I was afraid I wouldn’t have anything to write about today. Luckily for me, my off day at work was yesterday and so I spent the whole of it thinking about what in the world I could possibly do