Remorse: Prickle Made Me Prick You

Suddenly I noticed an awkward movement that sharpened my senses with adrenaline. The hair on my head prickled as I held my breath, straining my neck from a distance with every ounce of concentration to identify what it was.


Nigerian Drivers Take Heed

Jokes Apart! On my way to work yesterday, I came across two animals quarreling. The quarrel was a kind that attracted onlookers to the scene and so I joined the crowd. The argument was between a goat and a hen. According to eye witnesses, the quarrel started when a car splashed mud on them. As a good judge I…

Weekend Relief

TGIF! I thought of creating a little comic relief before any serious reading matter this weekend. So I will just tell you a joke about a girl that traveled to her village last weekend and the christian brothers… (Written in Pidgin English) #1 E get this young girl wey just dey claim city girl oo.…