Remorse: Prickle Made Me Prick You

It was about last night; I went to the back of our house to check on the chickens and to ensure my younger ones had tidied up the place. I tried to empty a basin of dirty water which I saw but couldn’t lift it so I took a bowl and began to scoop out the water gradually. As I threw the water on the floor, I noticed a repeated sound whenever the water gets close to the fence. I listened carefully and I could hear a sound that was in between a chirping bird and a croaking frog. As I threw more water towards that direction, I pointed the torch I was holding to lighten up the place.

Suddenly I noticed an awkward movement that sharpened my senses with adrenaline. The hair on my head prickled as I held my breath, straining my neck from a distance with every ounce of concentration to identify what it was. With the calmness at that hour, and being the only one there, but I could hear my heart beat in fear and trembling, even as I took the brave decision of tackling it myself.

As I continued to pour the water, it kept moving as if it was trapped or restricted to certain directions. I was carried away that I didn’t know my brother was behind me. I had obviously taken longer than I should have and he came to find out what was wrong. As soon as I heard his voice (asking what was wrong), the hair on my head prickled again at its root, and it was a dreadful sensation. This time around I couldn’t hold my breath, but began to gasp heavily.

After explaining to him, we both tried to know what was really there. After some time we were able to bring it out, and to our greatest surprise it was a crab. Yea! Surprised because we wondered where it had come from.

I also don’t know what live crabs look like. I’ve only seen them in documentaries. I have even watched them move around and seen people keep them as pets. But that was in the documentary. It did look like the one in the documentaries. Yes, that was a crab. I could see the large cheliped in front and the long walking legs as it moved sideways. Now I understood why it kept moving like it was trapped and restricted to certain directions.

Unfortunately, we only remembered we could keep it as a pet after piercing a hole through it. I guess the thought of how dangerous crabs could be and how poisonous one nasty pinch is, made us kill it without a second thought. It could have been someone’s pet or meal. I got prickled and I pricked a carapace.


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Nigerian Drivers Take Heed

Jokes Apart!

On my way to work yesterday, I came across two animals quarreling. The quarrel was a kind that attracted onlookers to the scene and so I joined the crowd.

The argument was between a goat and a hen.

According to eye witnesses, the quarrel started when a car splashed mud on them. As a good judge I asked the hen what happened; and it said, this goat picked a quarrel with me because I said, “some drivers drive like goats”. I also asked the goat what happened and it said, this fowl got angry because I said ” that is why they die like fowl”

Now can you tell me who started the quarrel: The hen, the goat, or the driver. LOL



Weekend Relief


I thought of creating a little comic relief before any serious reading matter this weekend. So I will just tell you a joke about a girl that traveled to her village last weekend and the christian brothers…

(Written in Pidgin English)


cityE get this young girl wey just dey claim city girl oo. She cum travel go her village o. For d village junction one mama dey fry dododo. So any body wey wan buy go just say “mama la wu dododo”.

This girl now as city girl wen just arrive, come go there dey speak phoney… “Can I have some plantain” . Mama no understand am.

Na so she stand there till everybody cum buy go until the last 50 naira own. As somebody just come from behind wan shout mama LA wu dodo, before the person go finish this city girl just shout “mama LA wu dododo”.

Na it the mama hiss, come say no u for stand there dey speak oyibo for me.


prayE get two brothers like dat. Dem be born again, dey go church, dey pray well. One cum make him prayer Point to make God bless am well well with money. Even for road na him prayer be dat.

Na it one day him go out as him dy waka shit cum catch na him e enter one uncompleted building to shit oo. As him bend down na it police dy pursue arm robbers wey go rob for bank d bag of money wey dem carry dem tro am.  As d brother raise him hand dey pray naso d bag land for him hand as him open am na money full am.

Him cum go give testimony for church about weytin God do for am. Na him d oda brother too carry himself go uncompleted building too go shit dy pray ooo. Him no know say d oda side 1 person dy too dy shit as him finish na it him tie am for bag as him tro this brother open him hand dey pray , na so the bag of shit come land for dat brother hand too. As him open am na shit full am. Thank u.

Enjoy your weekend!