Exposed on My First Lie

This story of mine I hardly forget. It’s a funny and painful one. I can’t remember what age I was precisely at that time, but it’s something I look back and laugh. I remember though I was in the Junior Secondary School(high school) at that time.

We All Panicked

This is our Naija story. One-word prompt from daily post today has taken me back in memory lane. The last time I panicked was with my fellow country people. It was the kind of panic that sent some to their early graves and hospitalized many others.

Writing is My Perfume

After doing all the chores for today, I had to check my mail as usual to see todays one-word prompt from Daily post. And PERFUME was the word. As I thought about what to write on perfume, the scent from my younger brothers pen struck my nose. And that was how I got this: