Peculiar Love, Peculiar Dad

Here is a very short piece to my dad, my hero… …I am one of those kids who grew up in a broken home. Those of us who had to live with either mum or dad as a result of their separation can tell Advertisements


SOLITARY: I Got Weaned At Three

My Date of Birth wasn’t the only thing missing, my childhood was also. It was rather strange. No remarkable and humorous memories I could connect to that would make me smile. There were no fun times nor silly moments. All that took place was a repeated routine of house chores. I was deeply in isolation from the entire world and not just my mother. I was “weaned” for good.

Remorse: Prickle Made Me Prick You

Suddenly I noticed an awkward movement that sharpened my senses with adrenaline. The hair on my head prickled as I held my breath, straining my neck from a distance with every ounce of concentration to identify what it was.


SOLITARY: Mystery Natal Day

Note: SOLITARY is a series I am currently working on. It is based on a true story narrated to me by the lonesome described in the story. I will try to tell it till the end, and I hope you follow it. Enjoy! Advertisements


Pursue Your Dream

This story would definitely inspire you… There once lived this young man named Danny Bulky who owns a horse ranch in Easter component. Advertisements


Exposed on My First Lie

This story of mine I hardly forget. It’s a funny and painful one. I can’t remember what age I was precisely at that time, but it’s something I look back and laugh. I remember though I was in the Junior Secondary School(high school) at that time. Advertisements


Lifestyle: My Experience With Comrade

As a fresher, one tends to listen to all sorts of stories especially when such stories would be a determinant of your success or failure on campus. One of such experience I would like to share with you. Please read on… Advertisements