Christian Hospitality

Happy Sunday folks! I trust you have been a hospitable host today to friends and visitors. Your hospitality especially on a Sunday could be a good start for a great week ahead. When people break bread together, or enjoy recreation or entertainment, they often grow to understand and appreciate each other better. Better working relationships…

Simple Instruction Neglected (SIN)

The social and  psychological environment of mankind denote the same. This is because every process of human thinking begins from the mind and then manifest into the society. No wonder the holy book says ‘out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaketh’ (Mat.12:34), and ‘as a man thinketh so he is’ (Pro.23:7).

None of Your Business

Allow me tell you this short story. Once upon a time, during my university days, I had a neighbour who called himself a pastor but never acted as one. Few days after I moved in, my closest neighbour was arrested and the first person who informed me was this pastor.