Peculiar Love, Peculiar Dad

Here is a very short piece to my dad, my hero…

…I am one of those kids who grew up in a broken home. Those of us who had to live with either mum or dad as a result of their separation can tell the experience. In my case I was with dad. It was my father who played the role of father and mother. We (I and siblings) had several women who came around but couldn’t fit into the shoes of step-mother.

In the absence of a mother, my unique dad continued with his duties, he prepared our food, washed our clothes, helped with our homework and made sure we were able to differentiate that which is right from wrong. He also wasn’t scared of educating me on certain things as woman. I got the information I needed on personal hygiene during menstruation from my dad.  Unlike many parents who fail to give their wards sex education, my dad didn’t fail in this regard. I got the information I needed to stay vigilant and safe from uncertainties.

As the only daughter then, he made sure I attended the best schools, provided all I ever needed without hesitation even to the detriment of my brothers. He never allowed his love to cloud his judgments. Whenever, I did something wrong, he would punish me to correct me. That which I didn’t like was when he refuses to talk to me for 2-3 days as punishment. His kind of love is peculiar, and is such that never swayed in any way till present. His kind of love doesn’t care if his little child is now grown up or is now working and living fine. He still renders financial assistance when the need arises.

My prayer every morning is for the Almighty Father to keep him alive to reap the fruit of his labour.


Written in Response to Daily Prompt : Peculiar

Copyright © 2017 Magdalene Ofuka.  All rights reserved



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