Prevention Against Thieves

Is it true everyone is a potential thief waiting for an opportunity to steal something? If this is right, I guess this world would be a better place to live in and the word ‘thief’ or ‘steal’ would go into extinction. Why? Because all we need do to stop stealing is to take away the opportunity.

What really is stealing and what makes one a thief?

The simple meaning to stealing, is taking what doesn’t belong to you without the knowledge of the owner or in an illegal way (forcefully or secretly). Stealing is usually with the intention of not returning. Stealing doesn’t only involve property but also taking ideas, credit, words, etc. without permission or acknowledgment from the owner.

There is indeed a relationship between stealing and opportunity. Whoever steals whether caught or not, does so because he or she is faced with an opportunity to do so.

opportunity steal

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The man in government would not be stealing our money if we didn’t give him our mandate. Government officials steal huge sum they may not be able to spend throughout their lifetime. The thing about stealing is you won’t even need the stuff. You may not even want the stuff.

Today when looking at stealing at its peak, many focus on those in power. We overlook other degrees of stealing, for example, stealing in your place of work otherwise known as employee theft. So many people steal, misuse or use their employer’s assets without permission. It involves more than just cash as there are much more important things than cash that an employee can steal from a company. Time for instance could be stolen. When you are paid for time you didn’t work or paid for not working while on the job. Also some persons are theft of supplies. They have a habit of going home with paper, pens, computers, restaurant supplies like food, condiments, silverware, etc. Majority others indulge in stealing products that are to be sold, and the fast ones steal information on product designs and trade secrets.stealing

In many cases, when we come across a bunch of key, we look for the owner. Some of us hang the key where the owner could possibly spot it. Imagine if we all exhibit this scenario when it comes to money or valuables. If Mr. A drops his phone or wallet, and Mr. B, C, D and every other person passes without taking it. Mr. A would definitely come back to find his wallet or phone. Unfortunately many Christians including the very elect are those who indulge in this. Many think when they find money on the floor, it is from God. Especially when it happens that they are fasting and praying for financial breakthrough or blessings from God.

We are victims of theft when we give thieves the opportunity. Many of us leave our belongings without securing them. We move around unsecured environment late at night. We are not observant of the people around us and we fail to report suspicious movements and activities around us to the authorities.

If God was like men he wouldn’t have given many Christians the opportunity to rob him in tithes and offerings. How? He would deduct his ten percent before giving us our income or salary. Just as in many companies where tax and pension is deducted. From my perspective many don’t pay their tithes because they have the opportunity to do what they like with their money.

Security and safety is our responsibility, reduce the opportunity and you reduce the chances of stealing. That’s the prevention,

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