+1 By His Grace

August is here again, a fresh month with its rush and visitors, but guess what?

…It’s my birthday…

On that note happy birthday to me, and a happy new month to you my friends. All thanks to God for his grace upon us all to see a fresh month.

I am overjoyed, and as a result I really don’t know how to express it. I am elated because I’ve got this assurance that the benevolent winds of providence will continue to swell the sails of my health and happiness beyond this year.

So much has happened over the many years of my existence on earth. I have experiences that are of great significance and others not worth mentioning. Some you may be aware of and others confidential. Some are uplifting and others depressing. Some were short-lived and a host of others long-lasting. Some prompted certain actions that seemed laughable but impressive all the same. While others instigated nothing but happiness, some were grounds for glooming appearances.

Nevertheless, a reflection on all these, reminds me of who I am, what I’ve done with life so far, where my life is headed, when I plan to get there, why I want to get there, and how I will get there.

On a day like this last year, I gathered with some college friends who made the day a special one. Two years ago was likewise special. Then three years ago was the most remarkable and special edition. The one my twin commented about in Happy Birthday To My Double. It really ended funny. It reminds me of how I became a superman who wanted to stop moving vehicles.

The fun anyway isn’t what I miss this year. It’s the many friends who have always been with me on a day like this. I call them my family. Blessing Innocent who is like a back bone, supporting me anyway she can and cleans my mess, Aniah Jerome who treated me like we were actually blood brothers and would never see me sad or fail, Ofuka Magdalene who proved to be a mother, sister, friend, and my baby when necessary. Fashemi Emmanuel who kept giving fatherly advices not minding whether I took them or not and was always out to defend and help me succeed. Obi Sixtus, the one whose leadership comes without any aorta of bias and one who will never want you to get into trouble or have issues, Ohobu Juliana ( formerly Idagu Juliana) who will never let go until she feeds you to a point you can hardly move, and stood as my Chief Judge.

birthday 1Lucky James, the friend that assist in times of want and who tells the truth always. Agbor Esther a friend you can tell a secret and it will never get leaked, you are indeed my first love. Ofem Kebesobase, my main man. Many do not understand the friendship that exists between us. You were my greatest ally. Ushie Michael, your kind of spirit is what our leaders in Nigeria need. Agbor Benedict my funny friend, your lifestyle was what the little distraction I needed for my up-tight studiousness. Forget the grades, our IT was the best. Odey Cyril my good friend, I really can’t figure why people say you are proud, sincerely I think you just have too much self-confidence, and I like it. Ufana James my new media friend, thanks for always sharing the knowledge and ideas. Anam Esther my little wife, lol. To the rest of the family; Eba Blessing, Martina, Yira, Bassey Etim, Ngbulu Benedict, Okpe Jude, Obi-Ego, Mabel, Enya, Megcindy, Ibor, Abang Matthew, Iyawere Reuben, Ishi Emmanuel, Omadu Raymond, Nnabuoku Stephen, Aganu Richmond, Abang Okamson and the rest, I love and miss you all.

My main guys, Chinex, Ugo, Prince and my Ivan community, I appreciate your love. To as many that remembered me today via Facebook, Whatsapp, Text messages, Mails and Calls, thank you so much. God bless you for the little time you committed to making my day a special one. Today lines have fallen for you all and not me because you always made today what it ought to be. I pray celebration will never depart from your dwelling.

Finally, to my parent and siblings, you are the greatest. Without your love and support, I wouldn’t have met the many friends I have.

Once again, happy new month to you all and happy birthday to me…

…Lest I forget, I have kept cake for everyone.



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