Happy Birthday To My Double

 Once upon a time, there lives a brother of mine who was in a hurry to go the planet called earth. I asked him to wait for few more days so we could travel to earth together but he refused. He also tried to convince me to come with him but I refused. He then decided July 22 was the perfect day for him, so he was born.

Happy birthday! To my twin who couldn’t wait for me.   c360_2016-10-25-20-21-58-198.jpg

Though we are not very much alike 😎but so many still mistake one of us for the other. Well that isn’t your fault, we are brothers and such is bound to happen. I guess if we had agreed to be born the same day, the confusion would be much.

Today lines haves fallen you. Looking back I wish I could turn back hands of time, because you have indeed shown me what brotherhood and friendship means. Having an honest friend like you makes me proud. You are always there, in sickness, health, want, etc. Your counsel has never been misleading or deceitful. In every difficult assignment, tests and exams, you always provided solution. You have always proven to be selfless, and your leadership skills I also admire.

C360_2016-08-02-21-55-44-331More so, you have a smile I wish I had, and looks that pleases the heart. Your kind of humour I also miss. I remember that night you got tipsy and bought over four roasted corns you couldn’t finish.  I only wish I could also celebrate this special day with you. But hey! Don’t let that weigh you down. Go out there and have fun. We are still young and surely we still have many more years to celebrate life.

Aniah Jerome Bekongfe aka Akpanke, you are the closest and the best. Your character is admirable. I just can’t explain how great a friend you are. Lest I forget, how’s that funny looking bears of yours that looks exactly like mine? 😄Lol, mine still grows with that space in the middle. I miss you my brother.😉

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Well, here’s to a fun filled and happy birthday. May your new age be fruitful and may success flood your endeavours. Wish you all the best my handsome brother. Llnp, Hurray!

Copyright © 2017 by Hope Emmanuel.  All rights reserved.

Written In Celebration of Aniah Jerome’s Birthday



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