Triumph In ‘Uyai'(Beauty)

At dawn, our love

Is charming, like lilies floating in

The breeze

At dusk, our love

Is warm – it radiates from head to toe


When skies are blue, our love

Is loving – two people caring in

The sun

When thunder rolls, our love

Is peaceful, a refuge from the striking rain drops


When spring flowers bloom, our love

Is bold, like pink petals on

The Roses

When autumn leaves fall, our love

Is diamonds, shining bright in harvest sunshine


From Birthday till every other day, our love

Will triumph and continue to eternity

From Season to Season, I love

You always! My one, my only

My β€˜Uyai’(beauty)


Copyright Β© 2017 by Hope Emmanuel. Β All rights reserved.

Composed and written in dedication to Miss Innocent Bassey Affiong on her Birthday- June 12



7 thoughts on “Triumph In ‘Uyai'(Beauty)

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