Happy June 12 To You

I haven’t written any reading matter in a while now, and I was afraid I wouldn’t have anything to write about today.

Luckily for me, my off day at work was yesterday and so I spent the whole of it thinking about what in the world I could possibly do for you that would make this day amazing. The several hours I spent trying to figure out, made me realize the only sincere thing I could do is wishing you a happy day.

It’s not just today but every day. Your happiness is my happiness and if it’s your birthday, it’s also mine. All I can say is happy June 12, cancel that, ‘happy birthday’ to you the best ‘best friend’.IMG-20170611-WA0004

You are +1, but it’s so much more than that. It’s the fourth since we met. It’s also the first we will be miles away, but interestingly, another year of amazing memories, uncontrollable happiness and laughter, and another year of getting to call you my ‘Uyai’, the one I love.

Today is your birthday, and I am very happy you were born and made your way into my life. I wondered if I’d ever meet you, my Miss Uyai AKA Miss B. and here you are, my dream come true.IMG-20170611-WA0008

I love and celebrate you today for many reasons. Because you are genuine, beautiful, sweet, open hearted, caring, God fearing and peaceful. Because you make me laugh every day and laugh at my jokes; and tell me I am handsome even when pimples and boils leave spots on my face. Because you care about my friends like they were your siblings. Because you made out time to view my favourite television series with me and play video games as well.

More so, I adore the effort you make towards achieving success. You are a hardworking, intelligent, smart, strong, team player and a good leader, an easy going, visionary and goal-oriented lady.img-20170611-wa0010.jpg

The many skills, knowledge, and ideas I have acquired today were mostly motivated by you. You came around and changed everything. You forced me to grow up as an individual and learn to look at all the angles and perspectives that life offers. You’ve taught me a lot of things, not just about life and relationships- but about myself too.

Overall: I am so lucky to have s damsel like you, my Nigerian ‘Laali’. My academic seriousness and success was with your help. I was already confident, goal driven and lucky towards academics. I was already confident in myself, but since you came into my life, you have made me really look at myself and learn to love the reflection that stares back at me. I was already goal driven, but you gave me more purpose and determination to reach my expected goals. Above all, you made me lucky by giving me someone to support and share in my success.

I pray God takes this friendship of ours, the little life we have created and the journey we are on, far.IMG-20170611-WA0009

Thank you for allowing me the winner in all indoor games we play. You know I am not good at them but you always allow me win just to see me happy. Thank you for your ears when I needed someone to talk to. Thank you for standing strong when I’m crumbling, catching me when I fall, helping me succeed where I am failing, putting up with my flaws, looking at me in adoration and being the best of my best friends. Thank you for being you.

Happy birthday, my Uyai. Here’s to the many more years of happiness together.


Copyright © 2017 by Hope Emmanuel.  All rights reserved.


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