Learn How To Survive

Hard times don’t last but hard people do last.

In these times, only the fittest survives. The fittest is he or she endowed with a special capacity above others; such capacity could be in any form but revolves round ‘intelligence’ and sometimes ‘sheer luck’.

Notwithstanding, intelligence isn’t all that matters when you are in Nigeria. For you to come first and survive, you need ‘extra-intelligence’. Those with lower minds mistake this extra-intelligence for charms or cheating to get what they want, but as a matter of fact, that extra-intelligence is needed to cheat or apply charms.

Those who follow this blog may have noticed recently that I don’t publish as often as I used to. Well, that’s because I signed up for a job last week Saturday. I took the job to enable this two months old blog survive; especially data subscription and upgrading to own a domain.

As a matter of fact, knowing what to do to survive doesn’t make you survive. What makes you survive is when you act on that which you know will help you survive. That action taken to survive is the extra-intelligence. My job might be time consuming, but I still make out time to publish.

In these past days, I have heard various inspiring stories from my colleagues at place of work. In all their survival stories, one common thing is extra-intelligence. Some sold ‘ok’ (fairly used) clothes to sponsor themselves through school, some had to ride ‘okada’ (motorcycle), and others were night guards. Surprisingly, they survived ‘the worst’ time of their lives.

The struggle at the beginning most times could be tricky. The environment may become overwhelming and the feeling you get may not be as comfortable as you had hoped it would be. With persistence and that extra-intelligence you’ll surely come first and survive the race.

Mind you, this extra-intelligence I am preaching isn’t being brilliant or having formal education. A recall on the educational background of many successful business men, whose businesses have survived over the years, would prove to you that the extra-intelligence to survive isn’t acquired in the four corners of a classroom.

Somewhere at the beginning of this piece, I mentioned ‘sheer luck’. Many of us overtime, see what happens with us or in our lives as occurring by chance. When we see our mates succeeding and we are not what we say is he or she got lucky.

According to Newton’s third law, to every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. You don’t need to be a super human to have that extra-intelligence. You don’t need steroids or any enhancement. You don’t need charms to make sales, or pass any exam, or even get promoted. You also do not require sheer luck to scale through an interview or get a scholarship. Learn to adapt to change and change any action not yielding a positive equal reaction.

Adapting to Change is the extra-intelligence and not adapting is just intelligence that limits survival.

Taking the right action at the right time gives you the ability to survive in a struggle meant for the fittest.


Copyright © 2017 by Hope Emmanuel.  All rights reserved.

In response to One-Word Prompt from Daily Post: Survive


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