CRUTECH- My Alma Mater

Like many, I am profoundly disappointed if not horrified to see that my Alma mater, Cross River University of Technology (CRUTECH), published the names of students indebted to the varsity. 

As a proud graduate of CRUTECH, I like any other graduate of any other university, cringe when one’s Alma mater is in the headlines in a negative way. Unlike other institutions, there has not been any closure as management reaction to the increasingly helpless situation. There have been several protests in the institution before this year but it had never disrupted the system like the upheavals which have successively rocked other Universities. Still, to me this was not a huge surprise in many ways because the signs were visible.

As a matter of fact, the management by now should know that the ‘no fee, no exam’ policy can’t be implemented. At first when this policy was introduced in 2014, students responded and those who could not meet up with the new policy pleaded. In response the plea, the management said students who are indebted should not write exams but if they do, they will not have any results as their scripts will not be marked. Later on, the management said, since students have decided to be stubborn, let’s not show them their results anymore. And so the issue of students not seeing results after exams, as is still the case today.

From the above analysis, it is evident that the management while trying to be lenient forgot the idea was a ‘no fee, no exam’ policy. Listening to the plea of students made the management forget what its aim was.

Nevertheless, the school suspending over 11,000 students isn’t the best solution. The management should try to find out why students are indebted to the school. Many are working to train themselves through the university and others depend solely on parents who can’t afford a three-square meal. Some half way into the university may have loss a sponsor. Many of these students have dreams and they don’t want money to hinder them. I have come across many that hope to finish, go and hustle, then come back to clear the fees. This shows that the students know they are indebted. There should be a committee to make these findings.

On the other hand if student don’t write exams, what happens when he/she pays the fee owed? Does such a policy encourage one who wants to get educated but have no sponsor? I pray for mercy on that soul who first said “if education is expensive then try denial”. Coupled with the economy of the country, it could be that the money isn’t fort coming. Some of the sponsors are somewhere begging their employers to pay them salary arrears running into years. Most of them are civil and public servants. The truth is there are a lot of reasons why students owe.

Nevertheless, what I saw on the Nigerian Chronicle isn’t encouraging. No business can survive if owed that much. With over 1.2 billion naira as debt, the university should be grounded. If it were my business I would have done worse than suspension; but with a more diplomatic approach.

Please my fellow CRUTITES from Blazers Republic; let’s endeavor to pay our fees. Delay is always dangerous. While your counter parts all over the country are progressing in their academic calendar, you are retrogressing. Please give CRUTECH the chance to equip you technically for human advancement rather than making her publish your names on a newspaper for ill-fame.

The time you spend protesting against the policy and destroying properties, if invested properly could fetch you something to add to your fee. Let’s act as trail blazers that we are, and let others learn positively.


Copyright © 2017 by Hope Emmanuel.  All rights reserved.


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