Every Day Is A Mother’s Day To Me

This column was written in tribute to single mothers last Mother’s Day and in the current political climate, we thought it was worth repeating.

Dear Unsung Single Mom,

If you woke up this Mother’s Day with a heavy heart because you can’t spend the day with your kids since you have to go to work, perhaps waiting tables so other people can take their moms out, this one’s for you.

If you found yourself down to your last 50 bucks this year but your kids needed new clothes and you somehow made it happen?

This day honors you.

When your little one got sick and you had to decide between losing a day’s pay and spending the day at home bringing down a fever, and you stayed home?

This is your day.

Every time your children’s father, who has a new family, picked up your children for a day out like a big shot and you made him feel welcome because the kids came first? This hug is for you.

Happy Mother’s Day to the top 10 best working moms on TV

Each time a bloviating politician made you — and your children — feel like lesser beings because only nuclear families are real families as far as they’re concerned?

This raised finger aimed their way is for you.

Each time some know-it-all TV talking head spewed about how fatherless families breed criminals, as though all the single moms who’ve devoted their lives to making sure their children go to school every day, stay in school and learn respect don’t exist?

This raised glass is in celebration of your existence.

Shopping is fun at The Mall at SPAR

And every time these same clueless “experts” on TV lumped you together with crack head street hoes because you are raising your kids without a man in the house?

This one’s definitely for you.

Every time you have defied all the odds and made it work, this hooray is for you.

And for that day that you decided that your child’s lives would be better if they lived in a loving home instead of one with fighting, angry parents?

This award for bravery is for you.

For the days you lied to your boss so you could go to your kids’ plays, games, school events or make them a birthday party?

That million-dollar grin on your children’s face is your greatest reward.

So, single moms this Mother’s Day ignore the haters and the morally superior morons who are bereft of kindness. Fight back against the fools who don’t know that a real family doesn’t conform to any set pattern.

Whether you’re divorced, widowed or have never been married, keep living your life for your glorious children. And know that a real family isn’t defined by anyone else because the only real family is a family whose children feel safe and loved no matter the makeup.

Never let the bad guys get you down. I didn’t.


Every day is worth celebrating a mother. Every day a child is born. Every day children are cared for. They are given attention. Think of what mothers do everyday for you and you will realize every day is a mother’s day.

This one’s for you mum: Happy Mother’s Day as I celebrate you everyday.


Copyright © 2017 by Benedict Agbor.  All rights reserved.


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