Between Change And Farce

This change that has become a matter of constant deliberation and discussion brings nothing but aches to the head.

In a country where people have no say about the manner and pace at which law makers operate. They can complain all they care, but whatever will be, will be. In a country where electricity, security, power, fuel, or any of the issues that directly affect the populace are treated with little or no importance.

In a country where education is constantly interrupted by strikes over nonpayment of staff fees, internal quarrels over the lack of basic schools amenities. Nevertheless, the children of our leaders are sent to other countries at early ages, and return to continue the vicious circle by also leading us.

In a country where we fear Boko Haram but exchange abducted girls for captured Boko Haram commanders.

The so-called anti-corruption crusade is a good ride, but why must opponents to the government in power always be guilty and the aides and associates of the government are always innocent? As a matter of fact, the opponents remain guilty until proven innocent, but they are never proven innocent. The aides and associates on the other hand are always innocent and remains innocent until cleared by the government in power.

In a country where the government emphasizes on patronizing home made products, but they themselves can’t do such. Why pay for treatment or medical check-up overseas when we have hospitals here? What happened to our doctors? If the hospitals aren’t up to standard, then why not make it such?

In a country where the khaki boys would never agree to a first come, first serve protocol. Rather than face any external aggression against the country, the khaki boys treat civilians as animals.

In a country, where one agitates to be independent without infringing on the rights of others and not violating the law; but is held behind bars, like an enemy to the country.

In a country where in May, the year’s budget is still a matter of bureaucratic deliberation. In all these things, I question the state of this change. Is it Real or a Farce?


Copyright © 2017 by Hope Emmanuel.  All rights reserved.

Written In Response To One-Word Prompt From Daily Post