Writing Is My Therapy Against Qualm

“All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players; they have their exits and their entrances…”_ William Shakespeare (from As You Like It, spoken by Jaques). That phrase sees the world as a stage in which everybody must play different parts on.

Every stage in a man’s life comes with hurdles and enormous challenges. These challenges most times cause misgiving, doubt, reservation, second thought, worry, hesitation, anxiety, or fear. Challenges gives you qualm. Life sometimes could be likened to a tunnel. Those who can’t take the bull by the horns give up half way into the tunnel. They get hindered by uncertainty. Many when faced with challenges become hypertensive. A great number of others have serious health condition which requires daily treatment.

A challenge in this context is simply any difficult situation one encounters. It could also be the inability of one to fulfill a given task. It connotes or denotes the act of testing one’s ability over a given situation. In this sense, challenges don’t last. Man’s challenges sometimes come from God as a test of faith. No wonder he says he will not tempt a man beyond his capacity.

Just like every other courageous person, I have been through challenges. And sincerely I had many qualms as a result of these challenges. I have had some life daring situations where I found myself in a cross road. But I made my crossroads my turning points. The way I handled it made me have no qualms about taking decisions. But how did I do it?

I’ve been able to surmount all the challenges that come’s my way through writing. Writing is the way I express myself. I ease boredom and worries when I write. I have used my pen to conquer chronic diseases. I explain and explore the world via pen. I fight the world with the pen, and I conquer the world using the pen. This is why the pen is mightier than the sword.

I write more than I speak and I listen more than I speak. I rather choose to listen to my worries and devise a head-way than barking like a fugitive dog that runs to bark another day.

The ‘Dons’ of this world are not noise makers. In silence they snap their fingers and things fall in place. The reason why most people get stranded is because they complain too much. Rather than complain to man table it before your maker, God. No doubt uses men to bless us, but this only happens when you go to him first for help. God shouldn’t be the last resort when men fail.


Writing is my medicine, therapy, my essential balm and ointment; whenever am sick of life issues, I pen down my experience and move on. Whenever am depressed, I apply some balm on the frayed nerves and become strengthened and agile.

Whenever I discover my being loss in thoughts would affect my wellbeing, I just write out the thoughts. Often time I’ve been disappointed by people, nevertheless I see it as an opportunity to write. I have written and written volumes of my life experience, and each time I reflect on them I wear a healthy smile telling myself it’s ‘gonna’ be well someday.

There’s no better time for me than reflecting on my chronicles. I also do this because thinking is one activity that comes with spectrums; thinking about what to eat, what to wear, and how life can get better (this kind of thinking often affect the physical makeup of the body).

The thoughts I enjoy most are those that can bring about a revolution and add value to life. They come in form of ideas. I hardly ignore my thoughts. I pen them down because some may one day tell my story of triumph, and others may be documented for future reference.

Writing makes me fulfilled. It keeps me young and energetic. It fashions me for leadership roles in future. Writing paints a Picture of ‘no condition is permanent’. I write to solve the puzzles in my heart. I write to lighten my burden.

Writing is my greatest painkiller.

What method works for?  Do you swim in your worries and allow them swallow you? Find a way out. Get rid of that qualm in the tunnel.   Nail your worries and challenges to a tree. This is the only way you can get rid of them and move forward. If you keep them with you, you compound them and more get added. Challenges are inevitable. Don’t allow them over shadow you, for they are a stepping stone to your greatness. So choose this day the technique to use in suppressing your challenges. Writing is my greatest medicine, it cures my wounds. It buries my qualms.


Copyright © 2017 by Kebesobase Ibiang.  All rights reserved.

Written In Response To One-Word Prompt From Daily Post


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