Death By Malaria

From left to right

I was compelled to move my tired body

I turned and rolled

With long hisses I endured

As I felt sharp fangs on my body


From right to left

I was disturbed by buzzes

Annoying and irritating

With a book I tried to stop them

But I kept hitting my body


From head to toe

I felt the bites itchy on my body

With thoughts of why the tiny creatures

Had meted out such torment

I scratched in anger to ease my itchy body


From nooks to crannies

They kept circling my head and body

Looking for a place to land and bite

As their buzz sounded louder

Even as I drove them away from my body


From buzzing to biting

All through the night feasting on my body

These small two-edged flies

With slender body, long legs and narrow wings

Bore scales along the veins of its body


From the end of the bed

I could feel the cold from inside my body

But even with the AC put on

Hospitality was not shown by the tiny beasts

All that mattered was landing on my body


From landing they bite

And after a bite left a swell and itchy body

And with these annoying factors

The tiny beasts presented real disease

Such that brought general weakness to my body


From annoyance to regret

Now I know I should have protected the body

Using an insecticide or treated net

Perhaps if they had shown me more hospitality

I wouldn’t be a dead body


Copyright © 2017 by Hope Emmanuel.  All rights reserved.

Written In Response To One-Word Prompt From Daily Post



One thought on “Death By Malaria

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