A Mother’s Hospitality

What love could be more?

She accommodated me

Even without knowing but wondering

What I would look like

Indeed what love could be more?

In pain she accommodated me

I kicked and kicked hard

But with love she rubbed me

As long as I stayed

She got scared but excited

Hesitant and yet bold

But pertinent to her was me

I remained safely inside

Asleep and so warm

With nothing bothering me

Relying on her care

Yet to know how I look

She awaits my arrival

Her anxiety and joy builds up

Until my final appearance out

Even after birth

The love becomes more

She welcomes me generously

Her warm reception I gain

Not retiring in her care

She stayed awake till I slept

In her hunger she fed me

And an everyday August visitor I became

Indeed what love could be more?

Who could be more accommodating?

Who could be friendlier?

Indeed a mother’s hospitality


Copyright © 2017 by Hope Emmanuel.  All rights reserved.

Written In Response To One-Word Prompt From Daily Post