Weekend Relief


I thought of creating a little comic relief before any serious reading matter this weekend. So I will just tell you a joke about a girl that traveled to her village last weekend and the christian brothers…

(Written in Pidgin English)


cityE get this young girl wey just dey claim city girl oo. She cum travel go her village o. For d village junction one mama dey fry dododo. So any body wey wan buy go just say “mama la wu dododo”.

This girl now as city girl wen just arrive, come go there dey speak phoney… “Can I have some plantain” . Mama no understand am.

Na so she stand there till everybody cum buy go until the last 50 naira own. As somebody just come from behind wan shout mama LA wu dodo, before the person go finish this city girl just shout “mama LA wu dododo”.

Na it the mama hiss, come say no u for stand there dey speak oyibo for me.


prayE get two brothers like dat. Dem be born again, dey go church, dey pray well. One cum make him prayer Point to make God bless am well well with money. Even for road na him prayer be dat.

Na it one day him go out as him dy waka shit cum catch na him e enter one uncompleted building to shit oo. As him bend down na it police dy pursue arm robbers wey go rob for bank d bag of money wey dem carry dem tro am.  As d brother raise him hand dey pray naso d bag land for him hand as him open am na money full am.

Him cum go give testimony for church about weytin God do for am. Na him d oda brother too carry himself go uncompleted building too go shit dy pray ooo. Him no know say d oda side 1 person dy too dy shit as him finish na it him tie am for bag as him tro this brother open him hand dey pray , na so the bag of shit come land for dat brother hand too. As him open am na shit full am. Thank u.

Enjoy your weekend!



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