Simple Instruction Neglected (SIN)

The social and  psychological environment of mankind denote the same. This is because every process of human thinking begins from the mind and then manifest into the society. No wonder the holy book says ‘out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaketh’ (Mat.12:34), and ‘as a man thinketh so he is’ (Pro.23:7).

According to Plato’s tripartite theory of soul, man’s psyche exist in three dimensions which he called; logical, spirited and appetitive. The appetitive or desire of the soul is what controls our want for the pleasures of life. Examples of some of these pleasures are the want for food, money, sex, and any other material good. It is the part of the soul by which we experience carnal erotic love, hunger, thirst and in general the desires opposed to the logical or rational. This part of the soul has the ability to control your rational which then leads an individual to act in a way that they may not normally. In the community sense the individuals that fit into this area are craftsmen, artists, fisherman, and everyone else in the community that isn’t a ruler or in the military.

The spirited is the part of the soul by which we are angry or get into a temper. The spirited has to do with courage, crowdedness, anger, etc… Courage is the power to overcome challenges that an individual or community is faced with.

The logical or rational is seen as the driver of the soul. As the driver of the soul the rational deals with the knowledge and intellect and is in charge of controlling the other two parts of the soul. When Socrates compares the rational part of the soul to that of a community he says that some of a community’s inhabitants are able to reach this level of knowledge that will enhance the community as a whole. “It’s a guardianship, he replied, ‘and the people who have it are those rulers the ones we not long ago called guardians in the strict sense of the world.”

..But that is the wisdom of man…

God in his words said that “He wish above all things that thy spirit mayeth prosper and be in good health even as thy soul prospereth”. If He had said this, then the question would be; why then do many not prosper, why are we still poor, why do we get sick and why do our souls not proper on the other side of life? My answer to these questions is because we have neglected the simple instructions of God, We rather subscribe to the clamorous but yet stringent instructions of the devil with grave consequences.

Am sorry if this piece is having a religious flavor, I guess it’s because it is spiced up by the bible. Even professors of high repute make reference to the holy bible. Please read on…

The bible admonishes children in the book of Hebrews to obey their parents in the lord ‘so that their days may be long on earth’. It’s a simple instruction with a blessing. How many children are observing that commandment today? If they’re, why then are we having parents burying their children instead of the other way round? This should tell on us that we shorten our days on earth each time we disobey our parents.

A lot of cases of divorce, marital violence, young people killing each other in cult clash, drug addiction with death as end results. All of these take place when a child disobeys the word of God and the words of his/her parents. Many in the university belong to a fraternity to perpetuate evil, and they don’t live to tell story because they die from the weapon they used in killing.

We ignore all the promises of a better destiny for us and rather make ourselves victims of supposed averted circumstances.

We have turned deaf ears to the sermon of loving our neighbours as ourselves. Hearing stories of a man stabbing a fellow man or a woman bathing her fellow woman with acid points to the fact that the conscience of many are dead. The man who is wealthy doesn’t care about the poor. Instead he builds for himself many big houses and lives in one. He buys many cars but drives one at a time and most times doesn’t even ride in some for a long time.

If owning numerous properties and driving latest make of cars makes you successful then you need a clear sight. A successful person is like the lad in the bible, who gave up his 5 loaves of bread and 2 fishes to feed the five thousand. If you can’t extend a helping hand to others then your success story will be a self-centered one. The good book attest to the fact that it will be difficult for a wealthy man to enter into his kingdom except such a fellow will sell all his riches and give alms to the needy.

As a matter of fact, there are basically three voices that communicate interpersonally with a man; the voice of God, the voice of the Holy Spirit and one’s voice. We tend to amplify our voice louder than that of God and the Holy Spirit. The result is chaos in the community and craftsmen and fishermen are the predominant occupations according to Plato’s tripartite theory.

Not listening to the Holy Spirit is living a life full of risk. Your communication link to Heaven is breached. So which voice do you listen to most often? Is it the voice of the Holy Spirit your comforter, or do you act on your own accord? Did God not say that his thoughts towards us are that of good and not of evil to bring us to an expected end? Why then do we hesitate?

 Let’s have a rethink over these things, let’s begin to consider God first and do things right for the betterment of the society and also to fulfill destiny. Let’s make our hearts a fleshy one that can accommodate good thoughts towards others and manifest good things in the land. For righteousness exalt a nation but SIN is a reproach.


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