Now That We’re All Mad

When an insane person calls one who is still with his sanity a mad man, there should be a closer scrutiny. Likewise if the sane person calls an insane person a mad man, he needs to get his head examined.

But what about when two sane people call themselves mad men in a quarrel? No one needs to be checked in this case because the obvious is being stated by both parties.

The difference between you who is angry and that person who is mad on the street is duration. When you are angry it is temporary. My biology teacher in high school once told me that humans all have their 5 minutes madness. It occurs most times when one is angry.

Inability to control that temporary insanity called anger, most times leaves a permanent regret. Rather than unleashing that thing called anger, I personally think that it is much better to inform people when your mood is bad and you need to be left alone for a while or for that entire day, than to unleash your anger at unsuspecting people, who maybe your friends, colleagues, relatives, associates, spouse, siblings, partner/s, mates or family.

I learnt from a pastor that when someone or something annoys you, don’t say anything at the moment. Rather take in heavy breath several times and exhale for relief. It is completely and perfectly okay to not receive anyone’s call under this situation or even give any explanation for not picking up.

Don’t talk until your mood becomes right again.

And if you can trust the person in question to make you feel any better by talking to him or her, then by all means, you should go ahead and take their calls, even when you are down!! But this temporary madness comes in different ways.

I think you should read these scenarios below and see for yourself. I might be wrong anyway…

How do we describe a situation where lawmakers climb over the gates of the National Assembly to gain entrance? What was so urgent that they couldn’t wait for the gates to be opened? No doubt it doesn’t happen every day, but it was temporary.madness

What about getting angry with a fellow law maker to the extent of engaging in a physical combat? This thing called anger makes you forget your profile, or the attire you are putting on. I thank God anyway that no one has died during such fights.

We have people who can hardly eat one meal a day. Many aged are homeless. The youths are jobless. The health and educational sector is in a mess. Orphans grow to become hoodlums on the street. The list is endless, but in the midst of them all, politicians were embezzling if not still happening.

Isn’t it madness that a church builds a university, equips and funds it to world standard, and makes it only for the elite. And I ask what money was used to build the university? That shouldn’t be the question anyway. I should ask the meaning of church. I should also inquire to know why there are members of the church who can’t afford a university education, but their church owns a university. I am aware of the expression that ‘if education is expensive then try denial’, but most importantly my question should be this; between the government and the church, whose tuition fees should be lesser?

Lol!😄😄 I just remembered an incident… let me chip it in quickly.

Talking about that 5 minutes madness, I think this one is interesting. One former governor of Imo State, took it upon himself to personally flog a 40-year-old father of two. Right inside the governor’s office, the governor, armed with a horsewhip, stripped the man completely naked and for almost two hours flogged him like an erring donkey. Well I guess this one exceeded 5 minutes.😂

Talking about flogging that of a Sokoto governor readily comes to mind. The manager of a PHCN station and some staff were beaten to pulp for deliberately not supplying the governor’s community with power. I wish that community is where I reside, steady power supply for sure. Lol!😆

Anger is temporary insanity; two wrongs can’t make a right. When one is angry the other should not. Walking away when anger arrive works too. Let us not all be mad at once. For if we do who cures the society?

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