We All Panicked

This is our Naija story.

One-word prompt from daily post today has taken me back in memory lane. The last time I panicked was with my fellow country people. It was the kind of panic that sent some to their early graves and hospitalized many others.

Faced with threat, from a dreaded disease that has neither cure nor vaccine; panicking Nigerians were turning to salt water. 😂😂Lol.

Now you know what I mean.

We all scrambled for salt-water bath for protection from the deadly Ebola Virus after a call from either a friend or close relative. So many of us that day woke up earlier than our usual wake-up time, just to bath with salt water and drink some too.

The children were not left out of this too. They were not allowed to enjoy their sleep. My neighbor had to wake up her children by 4am to bath them with salt water. The sound from running taps, iron buckets, and hurried footsteps made me think I had overslept that morning. I could have known what was happening or perhaps received a phone call if I had not switched off my phone.

The message somehow went viral overnight, and the salt antidote also claimed more lives than the dreaded disease itself.

The panic made many take the salt solution that morning to avoid death by Ebola infection. But unknown to them, the solution was a death sentence that could be executed only hours later.

The scores of people hospitalized multiplied, as against the casualty from the virus itself. Some pregnant women who got lucky to have survived the therapy lost their unborn child in the process.

Whatever was going on that time made me panic anyway, but I didn’t take the solution. Many wouldn’t have taken it like me, but their panic got to a climax. They couldn’t sleep that fateful night as a result of repeated phone calls from some of their relations, who urged them to drink and bath salt water solution to prevent Ebola.

There were many reports on how the therapy started. Someone claimed she started it as a joke with her friend in the hostel. Others credit the solution to a monarch in Igba land. Others reported that it was reinforced after claims that a catholic priest also asked his followers to perform some religious rituals which included drinking salt water.

Whatever the report was, the truth remains we all panicked. We panicked when the disease surfaced without a cure, we panicked when the government declared the pandemic a national emergency, we panicked when the salt-water solution was made viral and we also panicked when we were warned that bathing with salt water is not a cure.

Jeez! We all panicked.😱😱😅😂

via Daily Prompt: Panicked


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