The Danger Within

Education they say is the key to success but they go behind your backs and change the lock, making it appear like a danger zone. After making you spend seventeen years or more of your lives looking for what they refer to as credential, they become only interested in your potential. They send you to serve the country as youth and after one year they give you a piece of cloth boldly written, “NYSC”.

They know success is the door that leads to education. Many successful men today are drop-outs. Some even after their achievement don’t go back to school but have received one or more Honorary Awards from different educational institutions. If you are privileged to interrogate a successful business man, you will realize that the key to unlock the real success lies out there and not in the number of years you spend sitting in a room in the name of learning.

Rather than teach you how to build 21st century machines that can aid mechanized farming, they tell you stuffs like, “If it takes Mr. A five days to clear 1 plot of land, how many days will it take Mr. B, C and D to clear the same piece of land”. They are always making you find X. How many successful men has this helped? They will never educate you on the true nature of life itself. How you can convert the little you have into millions, how you can solve the problems of the world, or how you can improve upon your potential.

 “School sweet but exams spoil am”. True talk dear, but they brought examination and said, “Examination is the best way of testing your ability”. They teach you for several hours and at the end require you to attempt their questions in not less than one hour thirty minutes. In some cases, after the exams, you don’t see your result. How then are they testing your ability when you don’t know if actually you are to put more effort in your performance?

Instead of making education affordable, they say, “If education is expensive try denial”. Even that which is free is not 100 percent free. They make you the poor one study hard, and when you earn their scholarship, they make it look like the promise land which you can actually see but can’t access. Have a distinction or fail any indigenous language no one cares. But excel in a foreign language and you are an “efiko”.

Peril, uncertainty, instability all associated with getting educated in this part of the world.

All things being equal, education is the best thing that can happen to you, but the risk of spending over twenty years in classrooms and have no job once done with education give many a second thought. Many now make reference to successful business men who did not go to school.  But to some, the danger of not going to school or being a drop-out instills phobia in them.

 My advice to you is not to forsake education, but to make your potential a credential to your credential. Being an illiterate is the greatest danger.


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