None of Your Business

Allow me tell you this short story.

Once upon a time, during my university days, I had a neighbour who called himself a pastor but never acted as one. Few days after I moved in, my closest neighbour was arrested and the first person who informed me was this pastor.

Not minding his business and pretending to be a good neighbour, he approached me with some tracts from his church.

Contrary to the title of the tract, he advised me not to join “bad gang” citing an example of my neighbour whom had been arrested. He dwelt so much on discussing the lifestyle of my neighbour like it was his business.busss

This neighbour pastor of mine never preaches to someone without citing an example of someone. He reveals the lifestyle of his neighbours to whoever he attempts preaching to.

He is also fond of condemning the doctrines of other denominations. Rather than tell you what would convince you to follow him to his church, he condemns your church and its doctrines.

As a matter of fact, he had his short comings, but neither I nor the other neighbours made it our business.

Just like this pastor, it has become a common phenomenon among leaders of many churches, especially the ones called Pentecostal churches. They have made the religion and doctrines of other denominations their business. Instead of preaching their own doctrine to their followers, they criticize the doctrines of others.

Some like to fault the use of the Rosary, the keeping of images of Holy Mary and Jesus Christ.mind.gif

The one I detest most is when they ask you to be re-baptized in their church, rendering the baptism done in your previous church null and void. If you ask me, I would say there isn’t any big deal in telling a new member of your church to get baptized in your church, but condemning the baptizing done in the other church, that I won’t subscribe to.

If you are the type that doesn’t mind your business, I have one question for you. Are you God? Please get busy. If you don’t have what to preach, just sing or don’t preach at all. It’s none of your business what others do for Christ sake.  If you can’t convince them to look from your perspective, don’t condemn their point of view.business2

It’s none of your business, but you have made it so.

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4 thoughts on “None of Your Business

  1. Wow! Tell me about it. I share the same sentiments with you with regards to churches, preachings and Pastors. Like you, I detest it when Pastors or any religious person condemns others of different faith. Really, why talk badly of other denominations just because you want to woo people to your own church or to accept your own faith. It’s a very bad approach towards life to condemn other people’s lifestyle while acting holier than thou. And you succinctly put it, these so called religious fanatics as I call them, never mind their business.


    • Thanks for your comment. In Nigeria here where we give so much respect to clerks, they see it as a sign of disrespect and waywardness when you try to discuss this issue with people. The way many religious people take their religion you would be left with no option than to agree to the assertion that” religion is an opium of the masses”
      I am glad I do not share in this thought alone. Thanks for dropping by.

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