Labour Precedes Favour

Labour is a reliable tool you will need in building an enduring success. Life itself is a race where suffering and pleasure exchange baton; it is a place where pain precedes gain. The person you see swimming in affluence today had to endure pain and suffering, he had a time where the position he finds himself today was only an illusion or imagination.Achieving an enduring success is a process that comes with thorns, if you don’t go through the process but you find yourself in it, you are only there on a transient of time. For us to achieve our God-given destiny, we must subject ourselves to the process life takes us through. In this agenda, enjoyment that comes with fulfillment is often scheduled as the last item.

You may have been hearing successful people saying that they have paid the ultimate price for their success. This price has to do with the suffering, pains, humiliation and the disappointments they had to go through in order to fulfill their purpose in life. Nobody has successfully dodged this inevitable aspect of life, you can only postpone it if you wish but the truth is that you can never have what you’re meant  to have If you don’t do what you are meant to do.

Being born with a silver spoon, doesn’t exonerate you from what life has to offer. There will come a time you will have to take some hits life will throw at you, whether you expect it or not. Total dependency on your parents’ achievements would not last long if you don’t multiply it.

The question is: what will be your fate when the shield of protection provided for you suddenly collapses? It is therefore wise to go through the rigours and those unpleasant time life offers when you still have the energy, vigour and age in your possession, for it will be disastrous and dangerous if you procrastinate that time and it happens that you meet it in your old age.

If you’re such a fellow that dodges responsibilities because they bring you unpleasant circumstances, you should also be aware that you’re dodging the blessings accruing to such responsibilities. A mother who had to go through the stressful planting season to plant her seed simply because she’s a farmer is wise, because she knows that the harvest time will come she’ll have something to compensate herself with. It is a critical aphorism that ”in life you might not get everything you laboured for but you will certainly pay for everything you get”.

This means that it is practically possible to sow and not reap, but you’ll never reap what you did not sow. Putting off your planting season denotes that you’re inevitably inviting a season of hunger and famine.

Opportunity in life is characterised with responsibility, it comes with hard work and it comes with a promise of reward for what you have to do; it doesn’t only come with a gift. For instance, in an establishment/firm where those with at least a degree is given preference or employed, the opportunity is for those who had taken time to acquire a degree. Rather than going to school, you make yourself believe there are no jobs in Nigeria.

A true opportunity is such that comes telling you to do something in order to get something. A condition with a reward without labour is never am opportunity, it is a trap. It is the common antics of the devil that pretends to offer you something for nothing, but in the reality he is setting a trap before you. Ask any truly successful person you know and he’ll tell you his many years of unsuccessful toils. In every good thing that comes your way, there is a price paid. Anything that freely comes to you will freely depart from you; any good and enduring thing has a price.

 If you are looking for favour to avoid labour, then be ready to live the rest of your life surviving from hand to mouth. No matter how big a favour may look, it is still a piece from the abundance of the person who is providing it. Favour is not a bad thing but there is no successful person on this planet earth who survives hundred percent on favour. Check it you’ll find out that every enduring wealth or fortune of any person was built by years of labour not favour.

Labour owns the spring of water, while favour gets s cup occasionally. Have it in your mind that the favour you are expecting is to come from the labour of another man. If favour gives you a business opportunity, you will need labour to build it. If favour gives you a job, you’ll need labour to grow in it. If favour gives you admission into the university, you’ll need labour to come out successfully. Labour is not a punishment as it might seem; it is an assignment that is given to you for your own promotion. Don’t even say God’s favour can do it all because faith without works the holy book said is dead. God blesses something, He seldom bless nothing.