Writing is My Perfume

After doing all the chores for today, I had to check my mail as usual to see todays one-word prompt from Daily post. And PERFUME was the word. As I thought about what to write on perfume, the scent from my younger brothers pen struck my nose. And that was how I got this:

The expression of the pen being mightier than the sword doesn’t mean the pen has to be an armour tank to defeat the sword. It simply indicates communication especially written language is a more effective tool than direct violence.

Written communication is a weapon, a weapon with a distinct scent. I have chosen to write because writing is like scent. Regardless its form, it is an entirely personal experience. The olfactory experience from a scent reaches the soul and so does a good write-up. Scent is utterly fascinating and completely unique to the one who perceives, and so does written communication.

The world is metamorphosing into a more complex and intricate form, driven by technology. The trend among writers/bloggers is typing. The ‘pen’ no longer holds great relevance. This trend isn’t different with me anyway. But along the line, I have developed a funny habit. I keep a pen and a notepad by me just to write something that would generate that ink scent, then I can go ahead with typing on my computer.

The scent fuels my imagination and helps me to create characters and landscapes that are waiting to be rendered descriptively upon the page before they can come alive. As I draw in the scent, an inspirational happens somewhere in my sub-consciousness and struggles to break through the fog of other stuffs that swirls around in there. There is always a story to be told from the past or present when the scent of writing hits me.

As a matter of fact, I often draw inspiration from my own experience and memory. But surprisingly, this only happens when there is a writing scent.

As a writer, a poor fragrance is like a blank page with nothing upstairs to write. As perfume demands you wear it, so does blank pages demand to be written on. The scent from my writing triggers thousands of ideas chattering in my mind and doesn’t allow me to stop writing until I have found the right words to fill the vast expanse.

Writing is the only way of communicating something about me. Writing is my scent. My scent represents me. Just like fragrance, writing is all I have to leave a lasting impression on the people around me. So, please don’t know the perfume I use from the scent you perceive on me. Rather know me from the scent my writing provides when you read it.writing-f1-copy.png

via Daily Prompt: Perfume


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