Once, I Got Scammed #2

So you know, I got scammed as well.

But in my case, I got my money back even though it wasn’t complete.


…my phone rang and like lightening, the idea struck.

It was a solution out of the mess I had found myself. It was a call from my friend who was to go with me to computer village. His call reminded me that I had the scammers’ phone number. And the remedy to my predicament was to bait the scammer.

This idea of mine gave me little courage to answer the call from my friend. He called to let me know he had errands to run for his fathers and he wouldn’t finish on time. His father only sent him on errands when he is at home. And luckily for me, he was a policeman. This was the best opportunity to recover my money.

I dashed to the bathroom immediately, took my bath and left for their house. On getting there my friend whom I wanted to be my spokes-person, wasn’t in. I had no choice than to ask for an audience with his father.

With a policeman in front of me, I said to myself, “young man, this isn’t the time to be scared”, so I summoned more courage than I have had and explained in detail everything that transpired with the swindler.

I finished my story, and listened for what he would say. His response sounded reluctant to help me and it didn’t give any atom of hope. But immediately I told him the idea I had conceived to recover the money, he became interested and asked what the bait would be.

I told him I will call the scammer, tell him I haven’t opened the bag yet because I want to give him more money since he said the more my money, the better the outcome of what I will see. But did this idea work?

Sure, it did perfectly. The scammer wasn’t wise enough a scammer. He was prey to the bait and this time he foolishly asked me to meet him in his house. In the mood of celebration, he bought two bottles of malt waiting for me to arrive. But before he could say Jack Robinson, he was already in cuffs.

As to the whereabouts of the money, since it was weekend, he couldn’t have taken it anywhere so it was recovered in total. But according to police procedures, I couldn’t lay hands on my own money immediately.

I had to go to the police station, put down a statement or two, before I could get my money. Of course I couldn’t get this money that weekend; I had to visit the police station almost every day after that weekend. Trust our police in this part of the world; they never gave me the complete money. They had to take their own cut, and at the end I was left with seventy thousand naira only. It was still ok anyway.

I got scammed of hundred thousand naira and I got seventy thousand naira back.

That’s my story.


…The End…


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