You’ve Got to be Full of Zip

You may have woken up on the wrong side of the bed this Monday morning, which makes everything so uncomfortable especially with work. To you, officially Monday is the most miserable day of the week. It’s a day more than half of us spend complaining particularly in the morning.

But tell you what?  It’s always the best day of the week if you are full of zip.

For most writers and bloggers, you must have had too much to eat and drink over the weekend and today it makes you less inspired than every other day. This kind of weighs you down because you probably need to pull a huge traffic today.

Similarly, you’ve also got to be full of zip. A writer full of zip would always have a lot running through his or her mind because your mind at that moment allows you to reason like a writer.

Monday shouldn’t be a day to dread your working week. You shouldn’t feel more tired today than any other day. You should not be missing the weekend. It shouldn’t take you a while to get back into work. All these will be avoided if you are full of zip.

When you aren’t full of zip, you complain and contend with a slow booting computer. You complain when stuck in traffic on the way to or back from the office. Whatever keeps you on hold for longer than a minute isn’t right on a day like this. You are also weighed down by personal grievances such as a bad hair diary, aches and pains, feelings “fat” and having nothing to wear also puts you in a bad mood.

As a boss, you shout at your employees at any slightest opportunity.

All of these could be avoided today if you are full of zip. Being bright, cheerful, expansive, lively, joyful, jovial, jaunty, lighthearted, breezy, bouncy, peppy, resilient and sunny is what makes you full of zip.

So just remember this every Monday, when you wake, in the office, stuck in traffic, facing a poor customer service, or when work seems stressful; all you need to have a great day at work is that “you’ve got to be full of zip“. It’s what works on Monday.

via Daily Prompt: Zip


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