Congratulations on Your Union💑

Hi folks, I want to use this medium to congratulate the tear rubber couple in town, Deacon Ezeh, Godreigneth Ejike and Deaconess Lawson, Adetutu Rebecca, on their union. Congratulations to the both of you. 

It was indeed a day of joy, and i couldnt miss it for anything. of course this wedding is the reason I came to Lagos. I guess it’s time to leave this place.

This is actually my first wedding after about 13 years. that is to show how important this wedding was to me.

Well the groom and bride were both my teachers as a teenager in the church. They didn’t just teach me but gave me a good and solid foundation in Christ.

I could remember that period in my life as a teenager when I felt I was a big boy and no one could correct me. On a particular Sunday, Deacon Ezeh, came to my house when he didn’t see me in church to find out why I haven’t been coming to church. this singular gesture made me realise that he isn’t just my teacher but one who cared too. What he did that day could be linked to the parable of the lost sheep given by Jesus in the bible. He left other teenagers in the church in search of me.

Now tell me why I shouldn’t be happy today.

Most importantly, I heard it is the first time in Hosanna Parish (RCCG), that the groom and bride are both members of the church. Not just members but Deacon and Deaconess. Wow!weds.jpg

Once again, a very big congratulations to you both on your union as instituted, ordained, and blessed by God


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