An Open Letter to The Celebrant


Happy birthday!!🎂🎂 You’re plus one. How exciting is that? I have so much to say, but I don’t know if I can condense it into one page of simple words. I will try though.

Well, I’m writing this letter to you because I can’t see you today. But please keep the cake I will come for it. I remember the endurance trek from Etta-agbor to Ekpo-Abasi after your birthday celebration last year. I am sure many of us after that day haven’t walked that distance. Thanks for that exercise anyway.

You may not have heard me say this before, but girl, you have been of great significance in my life. I can’t stress it enough, but deep down in my heart you are one in a million. I won’t be mistaken to call you my best friend.

You are one of the most intelligent young women I have ever met, not to mention, sweet, kind, happy, loving and uniquely beautiful. If any of my daughters should look like you they must have your hair. I guess I haven’t told you how much I adore your hair, ok, you just heard it.lovlycopyjpg.jpg

Your stubbornness entertains me most times, especially when you want to be in command over everyone including the male folks. Little wonder you are called “the biting senator”. As a friend, I only wish you will soft pedal a little.

Jess, it is four years since we got so close. Having been through so much together, I know that there’s so much more for us in the future. You’re one of these few friends that care for me.

Yummy! How delicious those soups were that if you give me in a dream I will eat and ask for more. Lolz.😋😋😋

Please o! I’m just kidding. But how can I forget your soups. When I had rice and needed to swallow, you were always there. In time of need, you appear like an angel, never allowed my words to drop before answering my call. It’s almost two months I saw you last and I miss you this much.


Always appeared like an angel.😇👰

I miss how you mimic being a child when you want me to get something done for you immediately. Your persistence sure does work for you.

Today lines have fallen for you.

Please…erase that… Today my ink has finished for you. But what are friends for? You weren’t just a friend but also a sister, mother, aunt, and my all in all.

Right, you were everything a true friend could be. You were always visiting, calling, and a very reliable source of information. I might not be spending today at the beach with you as you requested, but guess what? You can take this letter with you and read this toast:

…To a great birthday,

On this great beach, and

On this great day,

To a great friend,

I pray our friendship takes us further than the length, breadth, and depth of this beach. Most importantly, more celebrations to come in your life.

Happy birthday, dear! …

But please my dear friend if you must eat something, don’t eat that almost ripe plantain of ours, make sure you wait for me. Have fun my dear friend, I really do miss you.

As you go ahead in your celebration, remember to put God first. For Him alone has kept us to see this day.

Your Friendship,

Hope Emmanuel.


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