The Thief of Justice😎

Looking over the fence his face brightened as he found the door open. The man with only one hand sneaked past the lawn and went inside. His hand was probably cut for a theft. But not caring for his hand he checked the rooms to find something suitable for him to carry. It wasn’t as he had expected it to be.

He just found some expensive furnishings made into a pile in one of the spacious rooms. He felt sad and angry at the same time but he was going to take his chance. With his one hand he tried to tie them so that he could carry them easily. Suddenly I entered the room and saw him trying to tie the pile with trembling hand.

The thief thought the game was up but surprisingly I stepped ahead and helped him to tie the pile. Now he knew that I was also a thief.😊

He said to me, I found it so it would be shared 60:4.😏 I just nodded and left the room.  After sometime, I came back with a glass of milk and offered it to him. He drank it and said, we must hurry or we will get caught. Don’t just stand and watch pick up the bundle and follow me quickly, he said struggling to lift his.

I picked the furnishings and followed him. We escaped from there without being caught, and headed towards the forest. The bundle was too heavy and I was gradually slowing down. The thief with kicked me from the back and told me to move faster. After covering some distance, I tripped and fell down.🙍

You lazy man what kind of thief are you? 😫He yelled at me hitting me on my back.

I felt insulted,☹ but I stood up immediately, carried the load again and forced my legs to move faster as he wanted. Finally we got a place deemed fit, where we could hide all our expensive stuff.

He turned and said to me, let’s hide it now, have some rest and then tomorrow we will share it. But this time, it would be 70:30 because I showed you this hiding place. Like a dumb thief which I appeared to be, I nodded in approval and hid the furnishings safely.

Alright! It’s all yours, I have to go now. Take care.🙋 I smiled at the man and headed for home. The thief was surprised, bewildered and shocked at the same time. I guess that was the first time I spoke. Luckily he managed to get over the surprise and after thinking deeply about the matter he solved it and he was able to survive the shock.😥

On my way back home, I felt sad for the thief. I walked past the lawn and went inside closing the door behind him. I picked up the glass that was lying on the floor and asked myself, DID I DO JUSTICE?

I got the answer to that question after some three decades. I had gone abroad and was out for a walk. Suddenly on a bend I saw such a great crowd of people which I had never imagined to witness. I could tell it was a funeral as I saw the coffin raised up high in the air.

He was such a good man. We called him ONE-HAND, said a man standing by.  On hearing this, my heart began to beat faster as if I just finished a race. I stood where I was, unable to move. 😭Tears rolled down my cheeks as I watched the people who carried the coffin but could not stop them.

A man who had been watching me asked, if he was my friend. All I did in reply was nod my head but this time in disapproval. Then he asked why I was weeping. And I said, because a long time ago I did justice to a thief.

What justice, a theft of JUSTICE I replied.


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