Playing Puka Puka

Wait a minute.

How can a referee sound his whistle only to realize the player who committed the foul isn’t even on the pitch? Well, that’s how the government has made it look.

I hope it’s not “pukapuka” they want to play with us. We now have ghosts as looters. How will money be recovered and there won’t be owners. May be it belongs to me then.

Nigerians can no longer be fooled with what seems like home video to me. Yea, it’s pure home video to recover loots with no traceable owners, especially if they are traceable to associates of the president and his cabinet members.

Please, grab your copy now!

Is this the anti-corruption war the Federal Government promised? I doubt it.

Anti-graft agencies wakes up in the morning, finds N50m in Kaduna Airport, N448m in a shop at Victoria Island, Lagos, and N136bn in Ikoyi, lagos, but the owners nor the identities of owners of the properties where the money was found is unknown. Wow! What a nice script. I could make the next block-buster movie from that.

Bravo,👏 FG. But script writing isn’t new to Nigerians.

It sounds like what anyone would do if they want people to think the anti-corruption war isn’t faked. Conceal the real culprits’ identity, by making up stories of recovered loots without owners. Even with the controversies linking many individual, but everyone is denying knowledge of it.

To make matters worse, National Intelligence Agency (NIA) has laid claim. Why didn’t they brief anti-graft agencies about the funds since the whistle-blowing policy was launched?

No doubt “pukapuka” is being played, while we blow our whistles. As referees, we don’t decide what happens on the pitch, the football body does. They decide who should have the red or yellow card and who shouldn’t receive any card at all.

If the recovered loots are not handled well, I fear the whistle-blowing policy will be at risk. The government and its anti-graft agencies should not take the whistle blowers for fools. The relationship between both parties should be like that of the referee and the lines man. The government needs the citizens to alert them because they trust the citizens. The citizens in return expect the government to be trustworthy. There are no other ways about that.

If you ask me, I would say the government I know isn’t anywhere close to being trustworthy.



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