Time to Start Digging

What is this am hearing about looting?

Well folks, I am sure you have heard it too! These people called lea.. politicians I meant, have resorted to burying stolen funds in their backyards, deep forests and burial grounds.

Maybe it’s time I visit the market for a digger…Nigerian Breweries PLC can also create another reality television series like Gulder Ultimate Search (GUS). I am sure the looters themselves will pick the forms. Lolz.loot5.gif

Come to think of it, why backyards, forest? Jezz, burial grounds too? My guess would be they are trying to be smarter since putting it in a foreign account isn’t safe anymore.

Well, since whistle blowers have blown your covers, it is the only way to escape being probed. And where, you might ask, will you take the stolen funds to now?

Before you start panicking, “oh goodness, where will I keep these bags? My worst fear is actually a reality. I’ll get caught eventually!”


oh! I will get caught eventually

PAUSE. Breathe.

The next place they’ll think of hiding the money will be in walls. Let me guess… they will cast pillars with it. Hahaha😂😂😂! Or make gigantic iron doors with the money enclosed within. Did I guess right? Sure I did. Don’t worry I won’t expose you. I promise😉.

But on a more serious note…what is wrong with these politicians. How on earth will someone steal billions and trillions not only in Naira but in foreign currencies too? The thought of this puts me in a fog. And my mind swirls when I try to figure out why this is done.

Of course, greed!

I doubt they think at all. Because if they do, they will realize the money doesn’t go with them to the afterlife.

Oh yeah! If denied entrance into Heaven, they’d be like “Angel Michael, I am sure these 3 Ghana must go bags will do”.😱

Hahaha! I pity your soul. Please help me tell them there is no bribe up there. That money they steal and bury will remain here on earth while they rot in hell. Maybe they haven’t read Eze. 7:19.

It is so disheartening that they steal so much that no matter how lavish their life styles within the country become, they can only use a faction of their loot in their life time.

Let’s get this right.

When will Nigerian leaders stop stealing the funds they cannot use? Imagine the look on their faces when Dangote is referred to as the richest man in Africa or Nigeria. They’d be like, “🙉if I hear”. That’s because Dangote may be the richest business man, but he is clearly not the richest man in Africa or Nigeria. The richest men can be found in ex-ministers/presidents, governors, senators, commissioners.

No problem o!loot4

Let the stealing continue. But at the same time, don’t forget our health system, the primary schools in shambles, and the university frequent by strike, the poor roads, and the epileptic power supply. No doubt you and your family can always fly abroad, but what about those who have no wings?

Of what gain Is it to steal that which you can’t spend freely or even touch?