On Her Birthday

So I spent today at Marina Resort, Calabar, with Anam.

Well…scratch that… I spent it at home in Lagos, imagining what I would have done on a day like this.

But I’ll tell you what, today is her birthday. Hurray!

An hour was all I needed, so I wrote this.

Wow! It’s her birthday, Esther Anametemfiok, fondly called Anam, the smallest among all my colleagues. Happy birthday dear friend!

There isn’t a better way to celebrate this birthday with you than to write how I feel about you. I hate to sound cliché, but today lines have fallen for you. Knowing today is your day, I wish I could see that billion dollar smile of yours.

esther fea

billion dollar smile

I know you’re not selfish.

Why? Cos you never take your selfies alone. Today would have been the best day to take those selfies.

But hey, I miss those hugs.

Yea! Not just the hugs, but how you call me “my husband”. Your lifestyle I admire. Your simplicity I respect, especially as one that wears no makeup. You beauty radiates always.

Wherever you are right now, I hope you’re having fun. No dulling dear. I know you always make every moment interesting.

The time you spent at my place, the time we spent plucking almond fruits, the time we spent working in group tasks, and the time spent waiting for our project supervisor.

I cherish all these moments.

I know today is that day you would have wanted me to buy you Fanta. Lolzz😊. Don’t worry dear. You’re +1 🎂and so you deserve more than Fanta🍸🍸.

My beautiful friend, what more can I say? Come to think of it, I hope you don’t trek much any longer? Hahaha. You know what I mean. Sure you don’t , you are now a graduate.

Once more dear, HAPPY 🎁BIRTHDAY! I miss you.


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