How Important is this Easter ?

Hello! I will start off this piece of mine by saying Happy Easter to you. It’s not just another Sunday for me. It’s a day I celebrate Christ in my life. Do you celebrate Christ this Easter? If so then why do you? To me, today has more importance than any other celebration, which is what this short piece is all about.

First I join other Christians all over the world to celebrate Easter, not just because I was born to meet Easter. I believe that Jesus’ triumph over death on Easter wasn’t just his triumph – it was mine too. This might be a bit harder to explain but I will try.

The death and resurrection of Jesus did not just change the world at a historical level – which it clearly did – but also at a supernatural level. He willingly went to the cross and rose from the dead just as He said He would. This act tweaked the constants of the spiritual universe, and in a way sin and death by His actions were destroyed.

As a matter of fact, I will readily admit that sin and death seem to be as powerful as ever but it has been revealed to be the things I can overcome. The 40 days of spiritual penance (lent) is only but a preparation after which we explode with joy on Easter. As Christians, we believe that through Christ’s resurrection, we can be resurrected as well.

As human, I get angry for no reason, I tell lie, I gossip and engage in many other more serious vices. However, God decided to wipe slate clean before I was even born. Instead of persecuting me, Jesus an innocent human being, was sentenced to death on the Cross. He took all my crimes. He was brutally crucified. His sacrifice I find awe-inspiring.

Now to the question I asked earlier. Why do you celebrate Him today? Many of us with our family members would prepare some special traditional treats for the celebration. For me I am at once saddened and very glad about Easter: saddened because few people know the true meaning of Easter, but glad too, because it has not been over-commercialised as Christmas. The point of Christmas has been lost behind the glitz and glamour.

That which I feel when I think of what Jesus went through for me, is indescribable. So many people take Christianity to be full of rules and regulations. For me it is about establishing and maintaining a relationship with God. And of course I love the church service. It’s always very exciting, highly spirited and glorious and filled with shouts of Hallelujah, for He is alive. Endeavour to spend this Easter day with other Christians and you will be glad you did.



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