Between Anti-Social And Anti-Security

Just as there are many benefits associated with using the Internet, especially the social media, there are other harmful effects attached to the use of this medium. The social media has overtime become a tool for disinformation that has permeated the media space.

SOLITARY: I Got Weaned At Three

My Date of Birth wasn’t the only thing missing, my childhood was also. It was rather strange. No remarkable and humorous memories I could connect to that would make me smile. There were no fun times nor silly moments. All that took place was a repeated routine of house chores. I was deeply in isolation from the entire world and not just my mother. I was “weaned” for good.

Prevention Against Thieves

Is it true everyone is a potential thief waiting for an opportunity to steal something? If this is right, I guess this world would be a better place to live in and the word ‘thief’ or ‘steal’ would go into extinction. Why? Because all we need do to stop stealing is to take away the…